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African Bohemian World-Inspired Statement Jewelry

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Welcome at Dazzling Gypsy Queen.

Colorful, Handmade, African, Bohemian, Hippie-chic & World-Inspired Statement Jewelry.

I’m a jewelry designer and I create unique ”One of a Kind”  jewelry.
I life in Africa for a while and Africa is a real inspiration to design my jewelry, a lively and never dull place.
I use all the unique, exotic and colorful beads and components in endless colors and shapes, which are available here, to give my jewelry its unique design.

I combine these beads and components with all kind of other stuff I found on several trips I made around the world.
I simply make products I love ? and I take pride in designing fashionable items that are Unique and honest.
Right until the last finishing touch I won’t accept anything less than outstanding quality and all my jewelry is OOAK.

I design for women who dare to be different & who love colors.
My one-of-a-kind jewelry will enhance your individuality and help you stand out in a crowd. With wearing my jewelry you make a real statement.
The style is World-inspired, African, Bohemian, Gypsy, Exotic, Stylish and Fashionable…….
It’s a luxury…..but don’t we all love that…….

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