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Welcome at Dazzling Gypsy Queen.

Colorful, Handmade, African, Bohemian, Hippie-chic , Ibiza, OOAK & World-Inspired Statement Jewelry.

My name is Patrice and I’m a designer and I create unique ”One of a Kind”
stuff  like Jewelry, Bags & Fashion accessoiries.

I life in Africa for five year now, because my husband works here.
Originally I’m Dutch and this is my first posting abroad, together with my husband and 12 years old daughter. Its not always easy, but we see it as an adventure and try to enjoy the life we have here.

Africa is a real inspiration to design my jewelry, a lively and never dull place.
I use all the unique, exotic and colorful beads and components in endless colors and shapes, which are available here, to give my jewelry its unique design.

I combine these beads and components with all kind of other stuff I found on several trips I made around the world.

I simply make products I love ? and I take pride in designing fashionable items that are Unique and honest.
Right until the last finishing touch I won’t accept anything less than outstanding quality and all my jewelry is OOAK.

I design for women who dare to be different & who love colors.
My one-of-a-kind jewelry will enhance your individuality and help you stand out in a crowd. With wearing my jewelry you make a real statement.
The style is World-inspired, African, Bohemian, Gypsy, Exotic, Stylish and Fashionable…….
It’s a luxury…..but don’t we all love that…….

♥ Patrice

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